Investing at pre-seed Stage

Empowering visionary founder teams from their earliest funding rounds on.

focused on supply chain startups

Helping to transform global Supply Chains into resilient and sustainable value chains.

Covering All of Europe

Scouting for the best teams to build European category leaders in Supply Chain.

Venture Capital Experts & Supply Chain Enthusiasts

We combine operational startup-experience and venture capital expertise with our enthusiasm for Supply Chain startups. Supported by a great network of partners and advisors, we support ambitious founder teams on their journey to make Supply Chains more transparent, more resilient and more sustainable.

Markus Börner

Founding Partner

Mathias Bosse

Founding Partner

Supported by an Expert Advisory Board

Stefan Flicke

Partner at Ingenic 

Sabine Mueller

CEO at DHL Consulting 

Patric Hoffmann

Head of Schenker Ventures

Luca Graf

CEO at MS Direct

Sven Schürer

Supply Chain Expert & Head European BD at JLL