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Traide founding team
We're happy to announce that we support traide as part of their early angel investor pool. Traide helps its customers to handle complex customs processes more easily, starting with automating product classification. Read our investment theses below.
Photo of the NIMMSTA Founders
We're happy to announce that we joined forces with other logistics angels and invested in NIMMSTA, an industrial wearable solution for warehouses. With conventional scanners, workers do not have their hands free and need different displays and input devices for each intralogistics workflow. That harms efficient processes, leads to errors and thus to inconsistent data. NIMMSTA has developed the first industrial smart watch that solves these problems and transforms all processes into workflows, integrated in WMS systems and fully configurable.
The picture shows DHL rail wagons moving goods
‘Road to rail’ has been a topic of discussion in logistics for years. Now there is real momentum in our industry to tackle the challenges and find ways to make it work. Sustainability, among other factors, is driving this push. Global logistics leaders have a responsibility to develop greener solutions for the planet, and shifting to rail for long-haul freight transport is the next frontier for cutting CO2 emissions while delivering other benefits. Here’s how we can get it right.